Oven and stove for Noa’s Family

Total Cost - USD 399
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 399

38-year-old Noa has lived a life fraught with hardship and pain.

She grew up in a troubled family and faced ongoing verbal abuse from her parents. Her first ex-husband, with whom she has an 11-year-old son, was addicted to drugs and committed suicide a year ago.

Noa re-married and had a daughter with her new husband. He was diagnosed with a serious illness, and Noa became responsible for the family’s livelihood. He had a violent past and when the violence resurfaced, Noa divorced him.

These traumas have left Noa with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. The emotional toll has made holding a job impossible.

Noa is now trying to support her family on just the government stipend that she receives. She hopes to return to the job market eventually For now, the stove top and oven in their tiny apartment is broken.

Noa would at least like to be able to feed her children warm meals, but cannot stretch the stipend to cover this basic appliance

Verified by: Limor Ben-Ari, Department of Social Services, Ashdod | Case No.: 190147
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