Orthotics for Aaron

Total Cost - $ 469
Still Needed - $ -1
Funded - $ 470

Aaron’s father committed suicide when Aaron was seven, and this action has haunted Aaron ever since. Aaron left school after 11th grade, worked for a year, then drafted into the Army. He completed most of his service, but was discharged after trying to commit suicide. He went to work as a musician in hotel clubs, quickly fitting in with the nightlife and drug use that came with it. After 10 years, Aaron decided to come clean. He moved back in with his mother and dedicated himself to getting better. It took some years, but he succeeded.

Aaron, 45, has a number of health issues, including a tendency toward depression and borderline personality issues. These keep him from working but allow him to do what he most wants, which is to stay home and care for his aging mother. Aaron has suffered some other health complications, mostly stemming from ongoing foot problems. His doctor has prescribed medical orthotics, which he believes would contribute greatly to Aaron’s daily comfort and therefore his outlook on life. However, the orthotics are very expensive and Aaron cannot afford them on the handicapped stipend that is his only income.

Verified by: Inbal Shemesh, Department of Social Services, Or Akiva | Case No.: 200153
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