Mattress for Anna

Total Cost - USD 517
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 517

Anna, 28, has had a rough beginning in life but is determined to move forward. Anna immigrated to Israel from Eastern Europe at the age of 8, along with her mother and two siblings. Once they left, the family had no contact with their husband/father.

Anna’s mother is an alcoholic and, at the age of 9, Anna was removed from her home (along with her siblings) and sent to a boarding school. Throughout her school years, Anna was moved from school to school. As a result, she suffered from feelings of loneliness, instability, depression and low self-confidence.

At the age of 18, Anna ran away from boarding school as she wanted to be independent. She bounced between the homes of family and friends and worked odd jobs to support herself. At the same time, Anna approached social services in order to get help filing for disability because of her depression and an eating disorder. She was approved, put under psychiatric care and allowed to work only four hours a day so as not to impact her disability stipend. Anna found part-time work as a cleaner.

When the Corona crisis hit, Anna was unemployed for 18 months. Her disability stipend was also lowered, and she fell into debt.

Five months ago, Anna began working again as a cleaner. Determined to build herself a stable future, she also began participating in a social services program aimed at helping young people develop a sound financial and professional plan. Anna was placed in a basic computer course which should expand her employment opportunities once she completes it.

Anna is doing her very best to live independently. Between her income and a monthly government stipend, she manages to cover her basic expenses, including rent and medications. Social services helps her with food vouchers and clothing donations.

Anna suffers from chronic joint and back pain. She is currently sleeping on an old, torn mattress which exacerbates her physical issues. If she could get help buying a new mattress, there is no doubt her quality of life would vastly improve. This determined young woman certainly deserves our help.

Verified by: Liron Nishlis, Lehetiv | Case No.: 220138
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