Laptop for Shira

Total Cost - $ 1,015
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 1,015

Shira, 45, has finally found a job that will meet her needs. It is important to her to work and support herself.

she has done so for many years and does not like to ask for help. She needed a position that she could do from home, in order to be available to care for her 2½-year old twins, and that she could do in English, as she has little Hebrew. Shira does not complain and makes the most of what she has, but with little income, the family does not have closets and until recently, no washing machine.

But Shira’s new job, offering electronic customer support, requires her to have an updated, speedy computer with good speakers, and her manager does not provide the employees with this. Shira is all set to work, but cannot do the job with her old computer, nor can she afford to purchase the one that she needs.

Verified by: Simon Ohayon, Kiryat-Arba, Otzma Center | Case No.: 180346
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