Laptop for Natan

Total Cost - $ 769
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 769

Natan, 22, lives with his invalid grandmother. He has worked hard at physically demanding after-school jobs since he was 14 in order to help support her.

Most recently he worked in a grocery store where he excelled in his job and was promoted to manager.

Then, his life suddenly changed when a car crashed into his motorcycle.

Natan has been in rehabilitation for months and is diligent about his physical therapy. However, he can no longer stand for long periods or work full-time and he will never be able to do physical labor.

Natan has taken advantage of his forced rehabilitation time to pursue his education and to develop a way to work from home. A recent assessment confirmed that he is intelligent, curious and serious. Natan is interested in digital marketing and investments and has begun to study toward a career in this field. However, he requires a computer in order to continue pursuing his direction and cannot afford one.

Verified by: Keren Pschadetzky, Department of Social Services, Herzliya | Case No.: 190043
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