Laptop for Liora

Total Cost - USD 970
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 970

Liora and Avi are a young couple with two small children. They have no external support (her parents do not live in Israel, while his father died of cancer and his mother has schizophrenia) as they try to make a stable life for themselves. Avi works in security but is studying building engineering. Israel does not recognize Liora’s foreign college degree, but since coming to Israel four years ago, she has studied graphics.

Now, as her maternity leave is ending, Liora is trying to find steady work as a graphic artist while building her own business in the field (to this end, she is currently taking a town-sponsored class in small business management). Liora has an old computer but it is not able to run the up-to-date relevant programs that she will need to succeed in her chosen field.

Avi’s current salary barely covers their expenses and will not stretch to meet the cost of a new laptop computer that will help Liora with her career.

Verified by: Hadas Weiss, Katef Le Katef | Case No.: 180135
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