Laptop for Limor

Total Cost - $ 1,313
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 1,313

When Limor was 13, Social Services removed her from her family’s home to protect her from her abusive father. She finished the rest of her high school years at boarding school. Limor did well academically, but her social contacts, while positive, were superficial; she had trouble opening herself up to others, and found it difficult to develop deep friendships. Limor completed her full Army service.

Limor, 23, has little contact with her parents and none with any extended family. They give her no financial support, so she has worked for some years, in order to pay rent and to cover all of her needs. A year ago, she started college, studying architecture and interior design. She is highly motivated and is succeeding in her classes. At nights and on weekends, she works as many hours as her studies will allow at a medical support center, as she still needs to earn a living.

In addition, Limor has joined a program for women with backgrounds like hers who need help building social connections; she attends meetings regularly and has made some real progress in this area as well. Limor’s field of study relies on certain computer programs. Without learning how to work with these, she cannot continue, or earn her degree. By living carefully and frugally, Limor has managed so far to earn enough to cover her basic needs, but she cannot afford the computer that will allow her to find a job in her chosen field and eventually leave the cycle of poverty.

Verified by: Shir Bar Shai, lamerhav, Hod Hashaton | Case No.: 190460
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