Hearing aid for Matan

Total Cost - USD 1,454
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 1,454

Anat, 34, is divorced and raising two young children, ages 3 and 6, on her own.

Anat, whose own parents divorced when she was 8 years old, completed 12 years of schooling and her full army service, doing an additional year as an officer.

Seven years ago, she married Eli, who had a prison record and a history of drug abuse. After her youngest child was born, Anat decided to leave Eli. She received sole custody of the boys, although Eli was awarded visitation rights. His visits, however, are irregular. He also provides no child support.

Before Anat’s children were born, she worked at a home for special needs children. When Matan, her oldest, was born at week 30, Anat stopped working in order to care for him. He was in the neo-natal unit for three months on a breathing machine.

When Matan turned one, Anat went back to work at a home for at-risk youth. She worked there for four years until the onset of Corona. She was then unemployed for a year.

A few months ago, Anat went back to work as an aide to the elderly. She supports herself and her children on her income and a monthly government subsidy. Anat works very hard to make ends meet, but it certainly isn’t easy.

Matan, now in first grade, is hearing- impaired. He uses a hearing aid, which was partially paid for by the Ministry of Health and by social services. It is critical to his development and social integration.

Unfortunately, a week ago, Matan lost his hearing aid while playing after school. Despite postings on Facebook and organized search groups, it wasn’t found.

Anat is desperate to replace the apparatus. Without it, Matan will fall behind socially and academically. Needless to say, this is a huge expense that Anat cannot possibly afford.

Verified by: Osher Tziprut Hamama, Department of Social Services, Pardes Hanna Karkur | Case No.: 210719
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