Course tuition for Revital

Total Cost - $ 1,447
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 1,447

Some people just need a little help overcoming small hurdles on their path to success. Revital, 30, is one of those individuals.

Married with two young children (ages 3 and 5), Revital has had some temporary setbacks in life.

A number of years ago, Revital underwent an accident that left her with chronic back pain. Recently, her mother, whom she cared for devotedly, died of cancer. Despite these difficulties, Revital is determined to get back on her feet.

Five years ago, Revital received certification as a make-up artist. She started her own business which was slowly building when her mother became ill. While caring for her mother, Revital’s progress stalled, and she and her husband supported themselves on his salary.

Now, Revital wants to start over. With the help of social services, she has joined a program that helps struggling families find employment and build a plan for the future.

Revital’s passion is cosmetology. She wants to take a course in permanent make-up in order to expand her business and increase her potential income.

Revital is talented, capable and highly motivated. She plans on working part-time while studying and is determined to succeed.

If she could get help paying the course tuition, there is no doubt that Revital will be one step closer to a brighter future.

Verified by: Tzipora Ayash, Be-Atzmi | Case No.: 220917
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