Course tuition for Gila

Total Cost - $ 861
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 861

Gila, 37, and Rafi, 51, tried to make their marriage work for many years. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, the couple split up four months ago. They have four children, ages 7-18, whom they are raising together.

Gila and Rafi have had financial troubles for years. Gila works as a cosmetician, but her income dropped dramatically when clients stopped booking during the Corona lockdowns. Rafi, who was put on unpaid leave for a year during the Corona crisis, now works as a company truck driver. Their two incomes combined don’t meet the costs of a family of six.

Currently, Gila and Rafi are participating in a social services program that helps couples living in poverty build a sound financial plan. They are also getting help exploring ways to expand their potential employment opportunities.

Gila has come to realize that in order to earn more money, she has to take advanced courses in cosmetology. Though she cannot afford the full cost of the courses, there is no question that ultimately her certification will allow her to bring in a much higher income.

Though Gila and Rafi are no longer together, they certainly deserve every chance to give their children a brighter future.

Verified by: Keren Roy, Department of Social Services, Ashdod - Rehabilitation Department | Case No.: 210640
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