Counseling for Baruch and Shira

Total Cost - $ 1,519
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 1,519

Baruch and Shira, both 36, are raising five young children, ages 3-16. Baruch is currently on unpaid leave due to the Corona crisis, and Shira works as a secretary. They work hard to make ends meet, but it certainly isn’t easy.
Baruch and Shira have an additional challenge. Their 12-year-old daughter Maayan was born with glaucoma and is legally blind. Maayan is having trouble accepting her disability and refuses to accept the help that her parents, her school and social services have offered. Baruch and Shira are at a loss as to how to deal with the situation. They recognize that they need professional help and have sought out psychological and parental counseling.
The cost of these sessions is prohibitive for Baruch and Shira, especially with Baruch’s current employment status. The couple realizes how vital the therapy is and have therefore been absorbing the cost. They can’t continue to pay for them without falling into heavy debt. It would be a shame to see these incredibly devoted parents fail to get the help they so badly need.

Verified by: Meital Azulay, Department of Social Services, Ashdod | Case No.: 210107
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