Computer for Vered

Total Cost - USD 337
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 337

Vered, 14, has had a complicated childhood. Her parents, both 43, are divorced, and her mother is remarried. Vered now has two young step-siblings.

Vered’s mother, Anat, comes from a highly dysfunctional family. Today, she has no contact with her father who was abusive and an unstable relationship with her mother. Anat is unemployed and, since Corona hit, has had trouble re-entering the workforce.

Vered’s dad, Benny, was working as a messenger but was put on unpaid leave during the Corona lockdowns. He then had an accident that prevented him from returning to his job. After recovering, he went to work at a cable TV company but is now unemployed and looking for work.

Vered, an athletic and social child, lives between her parents’ homes. Because of academic delays, especially in math, Vered underwent a psycho-diagnostic evaluation. The results indicated that she should receive emotional counseling, and she is currently enrolled in an animal therapy program.

Vered underwent a very unstable two years after her mother remarried. Anat and Benny are now making a concerted effort to provide a secure environment for Vered in order to help her flourish.

In order to move forward with her life, Vered desperately needs a computer. With school going viral so often, she is falling behind without one. An innocent victim of life’s circumstances, Vered deserves every chance to succeed

Verified by: Rotem Domani Saidoff, Department of Social Services, Raanana | Case No.: 210520
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