Computer for Tamar

Total Cost - USD 919
Still Needed - USD 512
Funded - USD 407

Until she was diagnosed with cancer, Betty, worked at a daycare center. Her small salary and her husband’s disability stipend were the family’s sole income. They lived in a tiny apartment with their two children, ages seven and one. Due to Betty’s current situation, she and her children moved to her mother’s house where she can rely on her mother for assistance with the children. Tzion, Betty’s husband, continues to live in their apartment which has caused the couple no little tension. In addition to the increased expenses related to Betty’s medical care and medications, they need a computer for Tamar, their daughter. Her school assigns projects that require a computer. Betty and Tzion badly want Tamar to succeed in school, but they simply do not have the funds with which to purchase a computer that will help her achieve academically.

Verified by: Asia Hemi, Department of Social Services, Nethanya | Case No.: 180172
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