Computer for Stav

Total Cost - USD 301
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 301

Carni, 27, is trying to stand on her own two feet. Until she does, however, she needs a helping hand.

As a teen, Carni was in a social services program for at-risk youth. She successfully graduated high school with partial matriculation exams.

When she was 16, Carni met Maor, and they started a family. For the first few years, both of them worked. After the birth of their second child, however, Carni stopped working in order to be home with her children.

Three years ago, Carni filed a police report against Maor, accusing him of physical abuse. Maor served six months of prison time.

Over the years, Maor was imprisoned a number of times – for other infractions that didn’t involve Carni. During this period, the couple had two more children.

After his last prison term, Carni decided that enough was enough and left him. She cut off all contact and, as a result, gets no financial help from Maor.

Today, Carni supports herself and her children on a monthly government stipend and a rent subsidy. She is actively looking for work and is awaiting acceptance into a social services’ program that helps impoverished families move forward.

Carni wants to make a change.

In the meantime, Carni’s eight-year-old daughter, Stav, desperately needs a laptop computer in order to complete her school assignments and homework. This is obviously an expense that Carni cannot afford.

As Carni tries to move her family towards a brighter future, this young, innocent child deserves our help.

Verified by: Esther Elhananov, Department of Social Services, Ashdod | Case No.: 221051
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