Computer for Sigal

Total Cost - USD 354
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 354

Sigal, 23, has a plan and is doing her best to stick with it. Three years ago, she took a full-time job working in a bakery and used her earnings to pay her college tuition. She is studying Humanities and Social Sciences. Because she needs to work, Sigal registered for the minimum number of courses each year. As a result, three years in, she is only halfway through her degree. Sigal’s goal is to study nursing, which she believes will offer her regular employment and a path to a stable life outside of the cycle of poverty in which she grew up.

Sigal is motivated and focused. Unfortunately, however, the pressures of full-time work plus school were too much for her. Sigal left her job at the bakery and is looking for a part-time position instead. Her success in school is complicated by the fact that classes are virtual, and Sigal does not have a computer. Sigal needs a laptop if she is to complete her degree, but she does not have the money to buy one. It would be a shame if this determined young woman could not pursue her dreams.

Verified by: Saja Abu Moch, Yated - North | Case No.: 210266
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