Computer for Nofar

Total Cost - USD 1,221
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 1,221

Nofar is a highly motivated 24-year-old graphic design student at at a top university in Israel. She and her parents had a falling-out when they did not support her decision to enlist in the army. They have not been in contact since.

After the army, Nofar began her university studies in graphic design. She is a diligent student and also works to support herself, leaving her little time to foster friendships. Nofar is lonely and suffers from anxiety and depression, conditions she manages through consultations with a social worker and with medications that are costly.

The computer she is using for her graphic design classes is old and slow and cannot run the necessary complex design programs.

An updated modern computer would allow Nofar to run the appropriate computer programs and allow her to flourish as a graphic designer, but the purchase is beyond her means.

Verified by: Dima Gutman, The Yated Program | Case No.: 190111
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