Computer for Negasi

Total Cost - USD 1,144
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 1,144

Negasi, 21, is an impressive young man. Negasi’s father, 72, has three children from his first marriage. His wife passed away while they were still living in Ethiopia. Negasi’s mother had four children from a previous marriage, and she lost her first husband in Ethiopia as well. Negasi’s parents met and married and, together with him, they moved to Israel. Unfortunately, the marriage didn’t last. Negasi’s father moved out to live on his own (his other children are grown and out of the house) and his mother single-handedly raised her four children and Negasi. She worked tirelessly as a cleaner in order to meet her children’s needs. Unfortunately, when Negasi was 18, his mother died of cancer. She raised her children in a warm and loving home, though she often struggled to make ends meet. After her death, the children continued to live together and support each other.
Today, two of Negasi’s siblings are married. The siblings continue to help each other. Negasi finished 12 years of schooling with full matriculation exams and a concentration in computer sciences and physics. He always worked during his vacations and school breaks in order to help support himself and his siblings. Negasi is now finishing his third year of university, studying computer science, and will begin his army service after he graduates.
Negasi is a positive, serious-minded, pleasant, responsible young man. He is determined to build a career path and an independent life for himself. He seems to be well on his way. Unfortunately, Negasi’s computer recently broke, and he cannot afford to replace it. Without a computer, it will be very difficult for Negasi to complete his studies. This motivated young man deserves every chance to pursue his dreams.

Verified by: Sharon Fridman, Division for the Advancement of Youth, Jerusalem | Case No.: 210171
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