Computer for Elana

Total Cost - $ 871
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 871

Despite growing up in one of Jerusalem’s poorer neighborhoods, Elana has always been industrious. She worked as a waitress during her army service, taught Hebrew in an ulpan, and is now studying for her university entrance exams. According to her social worker, she is a talented, positive, cheerful, and diligent young woman. She has dreams of building a career for herself and has the ability and talents to do so.

Elana’s parents divorced before she was born and provide her with no support.

Her father suffers from on-going mental handicaps and has not worked in years.  He currently lives with a relative and has no place of his own.  Her mother worked as a cleaner in past years but is currently unemployed. Both rely on social security payments as their only income.

Since completing the army Elana has been working in a bakery in order to cover her own living expenses and save for her future studies. She knows she has no one to fall back on.

She is mentored by the Kidum Noar of Jerusalem and takes advantage of every opportunity afforded her through their various programs.  Elana desperately needs a computer to study for her university entrance exams, complete her university studies and, ultimately, fulfill her dreams.

Verified by: Sharon Fridman, Division for the Advancement of Youth, Jerusalem | Case No.: 200109
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