Computer for Ben to work as a DJ

Total Cost - USD 1,408
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 1,408

Ben, 21, is focused, diligent, and thoughtful. He has been working to support himself since he was 13, and, when he can, contributes to the household needs of is parents and five brothers (ages 11 – 17).

The results of recent vocational testing suggested that he turn his talents to an in-demand day job that would bring him financial security, while balancing the work with something that he loves. Toward the first suggestion, Ben has started a locksmith’s course. In addition to his classes, Ben works full-time to pay for his studies and personal needs, and regularly attends his town’s free lectures on business management.

But Ben dreams of a life in music. He played in a band and sang in high school and has started to write his own music. To that end, he has started a course in sound, recording, and d.j.-ing. To continue on this path, Ben needs a computer of a high enough quality to run and mix the relevant music.

Ben has done his research to find the least expensive one that will meet his needs. But even this computer is beyond his budget, so he has not been able to acquire it.

Verified by: Keren Pashdetzki, Department of Social Services, Hertzliya | Case No.: 180217
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