Computer for Avraham

Total Cost - USD 354
Still Needed - USD 306
Funded - USD 48

Avraham’s mother neglected him and his 10 siblings. There was not a lot of food at home and little attention to hygiene. Avraham grew angry and confrontational. He lacked social skills so was left feeling very much alone.

Over the years, Avraham bounced among educational institutions, learning little that would help him academically or in the working world. In addition, Avraham, 21, walks with a limp due to a foot problem, an issue that further limits his ability to hold a job. At one point, he was hired as a salesman in a cell phone store with the promise that the owner would train him on the job. That never happened, and the job did not last long.

Now, Avraham is about to start working again as a manager in his brother’s company. Hoping to do a better job and keep his position, Avraham has been trying to teach himself management skills. This is difficult, however, with only a cellphone. A computer would give Avraham more access to on-line classes, articles and guidance, but he does not have the money with which to buy one.

Verified by: Shmuel yaakav, Yated - Jerusalem | Case No.: 210302
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