Computer for Anna

Total Cost - USD 347
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 347

Anna’s family lives in a small, cramped apartment in a Bedouin village. The home is in terrible shape – damp and moldy – and Anna has no privacy at all, as she shares a room with her siblings. Anna, 20, is one of eight children. Three of her siblings are married, but the others live at home and don’t work. The family’s financial situation is quite dire.

Anna is determined to rise above her circumstances. After she finished high school, she completed two years of National Service. She is now studying for a degree in informal education.

Anna receives no emotional or financial support from her parents. In order to cover her tuition, she was forced to turn to her extended family. Because of the Corona crisis, her studies are now online and Anna cannot afford a computer. For the time being, she has been using her cellphone, but it is a poor substitute.

This is a young woman who is thirsty to learn and committed to building herself an independent future. A computer would go a long way towards helping her fulfill her dreams.

Verified by: Lamis Majadla, Yated - North | Case No.: 210088
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