Computer for Anat

Total Cost - $ 829
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 829

Anat, 28, is separated from her husband and raising two young children on her own. She is an impressive young woman. Anat had the opportunity to join a social services program that empowers women who are looking to join the workforce. She has always dreamed of being a manicurist and through this program, Anat has discovered her creative side and gained tremendous self-confidence.

When she began the program, Anat was unemployed. She is now a sales representative at a local supermarket. While working, she successfully completed a course in nail building. Anat is now ready to pursue her dream and start her own business. She has already found space in her brother’s salon and received a stipend to buy her basic equipment.

What Anat feels she is missing at this point is a computer. If she had one, she would be able to reach out to potential customers via social media, as well as navigate the bureaucracy involved in starting your own business. At this stage, she cannot afford to buy a computer. This young woman has achieved so much on her own and deserves our help in turning her dream into a reality.

Verified by: Meirav Hadad, Department of Social Services, Sderot | Case No.: 200215
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