Computer for Adva

Total Cost - $ 356
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 356

Adva, 30, is raising her five-year-old daughter, Neta, on her own. Adva herself grew up in an unstable, low socio-economic household. She finished ten years of schooling and served in the IDF. Over the years, her family was helped by social services, and Adva remains under the care of a social worker.

Currently, Adva is being treated by a psychiatrist for anxiety and depression. She has held down a number of various jobs over the years and is currently working as an aide to the elderly. Adva supports herself and Neta with her income and child support payments from Neta’s father. She is also waiting to be recognized as emotionally disabled, thereby enabling her to receive disability benefits as well.

Adva has many debts that have accrued over the years. She is doing her best to pay them off and build a stable life for herself and Neta.

In the meantime, Adva thinks it would be beneficial to both of them to have a computer. She feels it would open up new worlds and allow them to broaden their horizons. Needless to say, this is an expense that she cannot currently afford.

Verified by: Gil Shmarya, Department of Social Services, Tel Aviv East | Case No.: 210757
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