Bunk Bed for Yulia’s Children

Total Cost - $ 912
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 912

Yulia has a borderline personality disorder and has not, in the past, managed well by herself. She and her four young children live with her mother, who helps her to raise them. The home is crowded and Yulia feels that the situation limits her ability to build a real bond with her children.

Yulia, 32, does not have a job, so relies on her national insurance stipend. Recently she applied for, and received, a public housing unit. She is eager to move into it, but she cannot do so until it is furnished. Yulia has received help with a closet and a washing machine. Now she needs beds for the children.

Because their new home is small, Yulia needs a bunk bed with a trundle, which would accommodate all of her children as they grow, but will not take up too much space. Yulia does not have the money for such a bed, but is excited about the promise that the new apartment will offer, once they can live there.

Verified by: Galia Sabag, Department of Social Services, Ofaqim | Case No.: 180154
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