Bunk Bed for Viktor and Olga’s Children

Total Cost - $ 553
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 553

Viktor earned a good living as a locksmith until five years ago, when, while he was at work, a heavy pipe fell and crushed his foot. Despite surgeries, therapy, and medications, he has not been able to regain its use, so today is reliant on crutches to move around. It has fallen on his wife, Olga, to bring in any money beyond Viktor’s disability stipend and to care for their three children.

The family lives in a small apartment, with one bedroom for the parents and one for the children. The youngest child has a baby’s bed, which is too small for him. The older two shared an old mattress on some planks until they grew old enough that this was no longer appropriate. Now two of the children sleep on the living room couch each night, while one uses the worn-out mattress.

The children need their own beds in order to get a good night’s sleep and to have their own space, but Viktor and Olga’s finances are already stretched to the breaking point, and they cannot buy them. There is not enough space for three beds in the room, so Olga would like her children to have a bunk bed with a trundle.

Verified by: Natali Galili, Department of Social Services, Or Akiva | Case No.: 190450
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