Tuition for Sara

Total Cost - USD 1,339
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 1,339

Sara, 22 years old, has had a rough start in life. As a young child, her family moved often and had a difficult time making ends meet. Sara was never in one place or in one school long enough to form meaningful connections or build a solid educational foundation. Her parents divorced when she was 15 years old, and her mother and two sisters moved out of the country. Sara chose to stay in Israel with her father. Unfortunately, Sara’s relationship with her father was one of abuse and conflict, and Sara eventually moved into a dormitory school. She learned there from 9th-12th grade. Having no safe haven to call home, Sara spent weekends and vacations at her friends’ homes.

Upon graduating high school, Sara completed her full service in the IDF. Since then, she has been employed at a hotel in the center of the country and is doing all she can to build a life for herself. Sara has decided that she would like to take a course in event planning and needs help covering the cost. Her father is now incapacitated due to a health crisis and she receives no financial support from either of her parents. With her determination and will to improve her circumstances, this course could make a real difference in Sara’s future

Verified by: Tali Dayan, "Lmerchav" | Case No.: 200093
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