Beds for Tikva and her children

Total Cost - $ 1,392
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 1,392

Despite her husband’s alcoholism and increasing violence towards her and her children, Tikva kept silent and accepted her situation for many years. After the birth of their eighth child, however, she finally divorced him. Since then, Tikva has worked part-time as a cleaner. She has struggled to raise her children on her minimal salary.

The family lives in a two-room apartment. Tikva keeps the home neat and orderly, but the signs of poverty are everywhere. They have little furniture and what they do have is broken and second-hand. Tikva and two of the children sleep in the living room. They need beds but have no way to afford them.

Verified by: Rivkah Gabaleive, Department of Social Services, Netivot | Case No.: 00200111
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