Beds for Sophia and her children

Total Cost - $ 1,382
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 1,382

Sophia has her hands full. She arrived in Israel from Russia as an orphan. Today, she is a single mother to three children: Michael, 14, Meirav, 9, and Yoav, 4. Yoav was diagnosed as autistic and caring for him has become Sophia’s full-time job. As a result, she doesn’t work outside the home, and she receives no support, financial or otherwise, from Yoav’s father. The family subsists on the stipend they get from the government.

Despite her difficult circumstances, Sophia is a dedicated and caring mother who is determined to meet her family’s needs. She recently fought and received a subsidized apartment. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have the money to furnish it. Her most immediate need is 2 beds, one a sofa bed that can be used both day and night. Sophia,however, can’t afford this most basic need.

Verified by: Eleanor Ben Zeno, Department of Social Services, Ashdod - Rehabilitation Department | Case No.: 200331
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