Beds for Sigalit’s children

Total Cost - USD 926
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 926

Sigalit had a turbulent upbringing and was labelled an at-risk youth. During her army service, she became pregnant and was discharged. As she struggled to raise her son, Sigalit agreed to put him in foster care at her mother’s home. Next month, he is meant to return home.

Sigalit had two more children with another partner. The relationship was an abusive one, and he doesn’t acknowledge his paternity. As a result, Sigalit receives no child support and survives solely on a monthly government stipend.

Of late, Sigalit has decided that she is ready to stand on her own two feet. She is determined to be a better parent and to find a stable job. In the meantime, however, she is having trouble covering her most basic daily expenses. Social services is helping her wherever possible.

Sigalit’s most desperate need right now is a pull-out bunk bed for her children. They are currently sleeping on mattresses on the floor. These three innocent young children deserve a good night’s sleep.

Verified by: Gila Shemesh, Department of Social Services, Netivot | Case No.: 220188
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