Beds for Shira and Meir

Total Cost - $ 813
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 813

Shira, 51, and Meir, 55, are going through a very rough time. The couple has nine children (ages 11-27), five of whom live at home.

For many years, Meir worked as a translator and made a steady, respectable income. He never had to ask for outside help. Five years ago, however, he lost his job. Since then, he has worked odd jobs and somehow made ends meet. For the past 18 months though, Meir has had no work. The couple started amassing heavy debt. Recently, as a result of all the stress, Meir suffered a heart attack.

Shira, who suffered a stroke four years ago, has not been able to work either. Her disability and Meir’s monthly government stipend are not nearly enough to cover the family’s expenses.

Shira, Meir and their children are living in an old, dilapidated apartment with the barest of furnishings. The couple’s most desperate need right now are new beds, as their current ones are old and broken. As they try to get back on their feet, a good night’s sleep would certainly improve Shira and Meir’s quality of life.

Verified by: Tzipora Haya Leselboim, Department of Social Services, Neve Yaakov | Case No.: 210683
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