Beds for Sarah’s children

Total Cost - $ 829
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 829

Sarah, 40, came to Israel from Ethiopia when she was six years old. Her mother died en route, and her father disappeared when they arrived. Sarah completed 12 years of boarding school but could not finish her Army service because of her desperate financial situation.

Sarah has no family and few friends to whom she can turn for support. She has two sons, ages four and six, but their fathers do not live in Israel and she is not in touch with them. Hoping to earn enough to raise them properly, Sarah took a job as an aide to the elderly. Unfortunately, within a few months the work led to a herniated disc in her back. As a result, she had to quit.

Sarah’s six-year-old has ADHD and learning issues but with intense therapy last year, he made such significant improvement that he was able to start first grade in a regular class. Between her various medical expenses and current unemployment, Sarah has had trouble furnishing their small apartment. Most critically, the boys do not have beds, and Sarah desperately needs help purchasing them.

Verified by: Michal Gelbard, Department of Social Services, Holon | Case No.: 200155
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