Beds for Ron and Tehila’s Children

Total Cost - $ 812
Still Needed - $ -2
Funded - $ 814

Ron and Tehilla live in poverty. He was recently laid off after months of recovery from a work injury, but hopes to find a new job soon. His salary, even for full time work, was very low. Tehilla worked full time as well, holding a position as a day care aide, but she also earned little. Currently she is on maternity leave for their fourth child, but hopes to go back to work soon.

Despite their years of financial struggle, Ron and Tehilla hate to ask for help and are embarrassed by their need for support through the social services network. Their social worker notes that when they do turn to her, she knows that they are in serious need.

Right now what they need is a bunkbed for their nine-year old and their four-year old. The children’s bed has broken and Ron and Tehilla simply have no way to purchase a new one for them.

Verified by: Yael Yaron, Department of Social Services, Tel Aviv East - Achva | Case No.: 190286
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