Beds for Ofra’s children

Total Cost - USD 1,076
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 1,076

Ofra, 38, doesn’t have an easy life. Ofra, along with her husband, immigrated from France. The couple had four children together and eventually divorced due to abuse on the part of the husband. He subsequently cut off all contact with his family, and Ofra was left to raise four young children, now ages 8-16, on her own.
Ofra works as a bookkeeper but barely makes ends meet. The family of five lives in a small, cramped apartment with minimal furnishings. The children sleep on mattresses that Ofra found discarded on the street and dragged home with the help of neighbors.
Ofra’s oldest daughter, Maayan, is in 11th grade. Because of the family’s living conditions, she doesn’t like to bring friends home. Until now, she has done very well in school. Recently, however, Maayan’s father has tried to get in touch with her and convince her to move in with him. He slanders Ofra and has caused Maayan great emotional turmoil. Her performance in school has plummeted, and Ofra now has an extra burden on her already overloaded shoulders.
If Maayan and her siblings had decent beds to sleep on, it would certainly improve their quality of life. Unfortunately, Ofra cannot afford this expense.

Verified by: Nadav Kaniel, Division for the Advancement of Youth, Jerusalem | Case No.: 210083
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