Beds for Michal and Efraim’s children

Total Cost - USD 876
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 876

Every growing child deserves a sturdy bed to sleep on. Unfortunately, Michal and Efraim’s five young children don’t have that privilege.

Michal, 34, worked in a factory until the Corona crisis hit. Six months ago, she gave birth to her fifth child and hasn’t gone back to work. Efraim, who graduated high school and completed his full army service, now suffers from a variety of physical and emotional problems that prevent him from working. He has applied for disability and is awaiting approval.

Currently, the family of seven is surviving solely on a monthly government stipend. In addition to their basic daily needs, two of the children are being treated for developmental delays and, the youngest, for a neck issue. Between all of their expenses, the family barely makes ends meet.

Michal and Efraim’s most desperate need right now is new beds for their three older children. Two are sleeping on broken beds and one, on a mattress on the floor. There’s no question that a decent night’s sleep will greatly improve this family’s quality of life.

Verified by: Gila Shemesh, Department of Social Services, Netivot | Case No.: 220187
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