Beds for Liat’s Children

Total Cost - USD 694
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 694

Because Liat is married, she is not eligible for certain kinds of government support. This does not reflect the actual situation, in which her husband, Meir, spends his days hanging out with lowlifes and using drugs. After years of drug abuse and periods of incarceration, he seems incapable of sustained, regular work. When he does come home, Meir plays no part in their family life; he has little patience for the four childrens’ activities, and is uninterested in their education or upbringing. Liat has only her earnings as a part-time caregiver to provide for the childrens’ needs. Liat is determined to unlock the hidden potential in each one, in a bid to help them succeed in life. She directs every resource she has toward their education, even though she sometimes cannot put food on the table. The family lives in a small apartment with one bedroom for the children and one for the parents. They all sleep on mattresses on the floor because even if Liat had the money for beds, she would prefer to spend it on something like schoolbooks. However, the children would sleep better if they had a bed, and that too would be a positive step forward in their lives.

Verified by: Shahar Trabelsi, Department of Social Services, Ofaqim | Case No.: 180152
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