Beds for Leah and Ezra’s children

Total Cost - USD 901
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 901

Leah, 50, and Ezra, 51, are truly struggling. They have eleven children, ages 9-28, and are in dire financial straits.

The couple’s troubles began when their business went bankrupt. They were forced to sell their home, move into a small rental apartment and take out heavy loans.

Both Leah and Ezra found jobs and, despite their double income, struggled to make ends meet. One of their daughters suffers from a chronic medical condition, and the expenses connected to her care are very high. They have also married off a few of their older children, and the weddings were an added expense as well.

A year ago, Ezra was laid off. He recently found a new job as a nursing aide; Leah continues to work as a school secretary. Their combined income is still too low to cover their cost of living.

To add to their troubles, they recently discovered bedbugs in their children’s bedrooms. Three of their wood-based beds were destroyed. Leah and Ezra don’t have the means to replace the beds, but their growing children certainly deserve a good night’s sleep.

Verified by: Orit Bat Ayin, Department of Social Services, Ramat Shlomo, Jerusalem | Case No.: 220257
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