Beds for Dana and Ehud

Total Cost - USD 917
Still Needed - USD 1
Funded - USD 917

Several years ago, a street lamp fell on Doron’s back during a car accident. Since then, he has needed intensive medical care and has been unable to work.His wife, Esther, is at home with their nine children, one of whom is handicapped and needs full-time care. Esther herself suffers from on-going weakness and dizzy spells (in her doctor’s opinion, she would benefit from a paid helper around the house).

The family relies on the two disability stipends, but for this many people, it is often insufficient to put food on the table. Doron and Esther would like to break the cycle of poverty. To this end, Doron has recently started to work again, as many hours a week as his back will allow. But their needs are great and his income is small. He cannot afford beds for their two youngest children, Dana and Ehud.

Verified by: Rivka Tamsa, Department of Social Services, Kiryat-Malachi | Case No.: 180136
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