Beds for Chen’s children

Total Cost - $ 1,067
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 1,067

Chen, 44, is raising three young children (ages 2-6) on her own. Chen has been in contact with social services for years due to her status as a single mother, her dire financial situation and her emotional state.

Chen has been diagnosed with a schizophrenic disorder and is under the care of a psychiatrist. She was officially recognized as emotionally disabled and now
receives a monthly government stipend. Due to her emotional state, Chen cannot work outside of the home and supports herself and her children on her disability stipend. The father of her children is no longer in contact with them and pays no child support. Chen is truly on her own.

Social services helps Chen in whatever ways they can. In addition to providing her with food vouchers and various donations, they are helping her build a sound financial plan that will enable her to move forward with her life.

In the meantime, Chen and her three children are living in a two-room apartment. The bedroom – where all three children sleep – is tiny and crowded. Each of the children has a bed that is too small for them. Chen cannot afford new beds, and three regular- sized beds would not fit in the room. If Chen could get help buying a bunk bed with a trundle bed underneath, all three children would have the chance for a good night’s sleep. Its the very least this family deserves.

Verified by: Bat-El Vaaknin, Department of Social Services, Ofakim | Case No.: 210653
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