Beds for Carmela and Michael’s children

Total Cost - USD 689
Still Needed - USD 565
Funded - USD 124

Carmela and Michael immigrated to Israel from the US eight years ago. Unfortunately, they haven’t had a smooth landing.

Carmela works as a secretary for an American company; as such, her hours are erratic which makes life at home difficult for her and the kids. Michael is unemployed and works odd jobs whenever he can, including cleaning.

Carmela and Michael desperately want to raise their seven children (ages 1-15) with dignity, but they struggle each month to make ends meet.

The family’s apartment is sparsely furnished and many of their appliances are borrowed.

At the moment, Carmela and Michael’s most desperate need are beds for three of their sons, ages 7, 9, and 11. Currently, they (as well as their parents) are sleeping on mattresses on the floor. As a result, they are embarrassed to bring friends home, and their social lives are suffering.

With a little bit of help, we can make a big difference in these young boys’ lives.

Verified by: Shira Ataya, Department of Social Services, Beit Shemesh | Case No.: 240027
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