Beds for Anat and her daughters

Total Cost - USD 1,011
Still Needed - USD 1
Funded - USD 1,010

Anat, who immigrated to Israel with her parents and aunt at the age of 12, is now raising two young children on her own.

Anat is divorced but receives no child support from her ex-husband. By trade, Anat is a hairdresser but worked for many years as an aide to the elderly. For the past three years, since the birth of her youngest daughter, Anat has not worked outside of the home. She was put on bed rest during her pregnancy and is now at home with her daughter, Sarit.

Sarit has been diagnosed with developmental delays. She also suffers from separation anxiety and has not been able to start nursery. Social services is involved with the family and is trying to help Anat deal with her various hardships.

Currently, Anat and her daughters are living with her elderly parents and aunt. Anat and her daughter share two old, rickety beds. If they could get help buying new beds, their quality of life would certainly improve.

Verified by: Anat Golan, Department of Social Services, Gedera | Case No.: 220363
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