Bed for Roi

Total Cost - USD 592
Still Needed - USD -45
Funded - USD 637

Efrat, 33, is raising three young children (ages 7-12) on her own. All three of her kids have special needs, including one who has been diagnosed with autism. Efrat is an incredibly devoted mother who tries to meet all of her children’s physical and emotional needs.

Efrat’s ex-husband, and father of her older two children, is a drug addict who served time in prison. He has no contact with his sons and pays no child support. Efrat is not in touch with the father of her youngest child either.

Efrat works as a phone representative for a security company. She supports her family on her salary and on a monthly government stipend. She lives frugally but struggles to make ends meet.

Efrat’s most pressing need right now is a new bed for her oldest son, Roi. He is currently sleeping on a bed that is much too small for him, but Efrat cannot afford to buy him a new one. A new bed would certainly improve Roi’s quality of life.

Verified by: Anyesh Vassa, Department of Social Services, Ashkelon | Case No.: 220311
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