Bed for Lior

Total Cost - $ 553
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 553

Sophia, 47, is doing her very best to raise her four-year-old son, Lior, on her own. Sophia immigrated to Israel 13 years ago and married Tom. Unfortunately, Tom was a drug addict who, over the years, amassed massive debts. Five years ago, Tom finally broke his drug habit and started rebuilding his life. He slowly began paying off his debts and life looked brighter. After Lior’s birth, however, things began to fall apart. Sophia and Tom had trouble meeting their daily expenses, and Tom once again turned to drugs. A year ago, he lost his job and began to physically abuse his wife. Eventually, he was arrested.

Recently, Sophia decided to file for divorce, and the couple is now separated. Sophia works as an aide to the elderly and receives no financial support from Tom. She has no family support either since both of her parents are deceased and her siblings live abroad.

Social services has given Sophia tremendous support due to her tragic circumstances. To complicate matters, Sophia has never properly learned Hebrew and has trouble communicating with the outside world.

Sophia’s son, Lior, desperately needs a new bed and despite all her efforts to support her small family, Sophia cannot afford to buy him one.

Verified by: Avital Cohen, Department of Social Services, Acco | Case No.: 200454
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