Bed for Limor and Yaakov

Total Cost - $ 418
Still Needed - $ -13
Funded - $ 431

Limor, 40, was born into a difficult life. Her parents divorced when she was a toddler, she was in and out of foster homes and suffers from many intellectual and emotional limitations as a result of her troubled youth. She has never been able to earn a living and has been a welfare recipient since 1995.

Limor married Yaakov, who suffers from addiction and health issues. He does not work, and together they have been supported by social services for many years.

A few years ago, Limor and Yaakov moved to a simple apartment in Dimona. Limor attends an out-patient program where she is under the care of social services. It was upon their home visit that the lack of a proper bed was noted and requested. The social worker saw that they sleep on a mattress on the floor and yearn for a proper bed, mattress and night table. The privilege of getting a good night’s sleep and feeling “human” is a true gift for Limor and Yaakov.

Verified by: Larissa Nevalsky, Maccabi Health Services, Kiryat Gat | Case No.: 190427
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