Bed for Gidon

Total Cost - USD 499
Still Needed - USD -1
Funded - USD 500

Devorah, 59, is a dedicated and loving mother. She believes in the importance of meeting her children’s needs, especially in the aftermath of their father’s death after a difficult illness. His death left Devorah as the sole wage earner, responsible for every aspect of her children’s lives and expenses. As an aide to the elderly, however, her earnings are terribly low.

Until recently, Gidon, her now-15 year old son and youngest child, shared a bed with her, as he had no bedroom of his own. For this reason and others, Devorah took out a loan and renovated their home. This included carving out a new bedroom for Gidon. However, she is diligently using all of her resources to pay back that loan, leaving her with no money to buy Gidon a bed.

Now that his older brother is in the Army, Gidon is sleeping in his bed, which they share when both are at home. But the bed is too broken to allow either of them a good night’s sleep, let alone when they are both in it. Devorah would like Gidon to sleep in his own room, in his own bed, but she does not have the resources with which to make that happen.

Verified by: Ronit Ezra, Department of Social Services, Kfar Saba | Case No.: 200057
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