Bed for Eran

Total Cost - $ 398
Still Needed - $ 222
Funded - $ 176

Eran, 64, is divorced; he has one daughter with whom he has no contact. He is disabled and needs supplemental oxygen throughout most of the day. A year ago, Eran contracted Corona and, after a long period of hospitalization, his condition drastically deteriorated.

Currently, Eran and his brother, who moved from the US to care for him, live in a building’s shelter because they cannot afford rent. The space has no ventilation, open electricity wires and unsanitary conditions.

Recently, Eran was approved for a government-subsidized apartment. His most desperate need before his move is a proper bed and mattress.

Eran, who lives off a monthly disability stipend, cannot afford to buy himself a bed. With our help, he can finally get the decent night’s sleep that he deserves.

Verified by: Lea Rosenberg, Department of Social Services, Or Akiva | Case No.: 230357
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