Bed for Dana

Total Cost - USD 136
Still Needed - USD -11
Funded - USD 147

Dana, 25, has had a very rough start in life but is determined to build herself a brighter future.

As a child, Dana was sexually abused by a family member.

Over the years, Dana began suffering from anxiety attacks, panic disorder and flashbacks. She hung out with a dangerous crowd and began using drugs.

Eventually, she got help from Social Services and is now under the care of a social worker and a psychiatrist. She was diagnosed with complex PTSD and is slowly rebuilding her life.

Dana graduated high school, moved into an apartment with roommates and now works in a restaurant.

A few months ago, Dana’s apartment was infested with bedbugs. On her own, Dana managed to replace almost all of her belongings. The only item she is missing is a bed frame; at the moment, she is sleeping on a mattress on the floor.

This is a young woman who has made great strides in putting her past behind her and moving forward; she deserves our help in getting a decent night’s sleep.

Verified by: Noa Niv, Yated - Jerusalem | Case No.: 230108
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