Refrigerator for Keren

Total Cost - USD 841
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 841

Keren’s situation is heartbreaking, and she desperately needs a helping hand.

Keren, twice divorced, has two daughters, ages 16 and 26. Both of her relationships were unhealthy and abusive. Neither of the girls’ fathers pay child support, and both girls currently live at home.

Keren is vision-impaired and has been recognized as legally blind. She has battled cancer in the past and suffers from a chronic autoimmune disease. Needless to say, she cannot work outside of the home and survives on her monthly government and disability stipends.

The family’s one-and-a-half room, government-subsidized apartment is in terrible condition. There have been numerous leaks and flood, and much of Keren’s furniture has been extensively damaged.

There are numerous items that Keren is missing, but her most desperate need right now is a new refrigerator. Her current one is over 15 years old and broken beyond repair.

It is vital for this family’s survival that they receive a new refrigerator so that they can eat properly and move forward with their life.

Verified by: Ma'ayan Nagen, Department of Social Services, Ashdod | Case No.: 230460
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