Course tuition for Penina

Total Cost - USD 1,089
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 1,089

Penina, 37, and Yoel, 38, are raising five young children (ages 8-16). Penina suffered post-partum depression after the birth of her youngest child and was treated with medication. As a result, she has not been working outside of the home. Yoel was working as a bookkeeper at a religious school which closed. After a period of temporary unemployment, Yoel found part-time work in an insurance agency.

Penina and Yoel live very frugally. They are determined to break the cycle of poverty they have been living in. Yoel, for the first time, is working outside of the religious world he is accustomed to. Penina is ready to move forward as well; she wants to become certified as a cosmetician.

This is a couple who isn’t content to just get by; they want to earn a respectable income and build a brighter future for their children. Penina, however, needs help covering her tuition in order to begin her road to independence

Verified by: Tzipora Haya Leselboim, Department of Social Services, Neve Yaakov | Case No.: 210558
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