Oven for Penina

Total Cost - USD 313
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 313

In light of all of the difficulties Penina has faced over the years, her social worker is impressed with her ability to continue her fight to get the most out of life and to manage on a daily basis.

Penina, 62, has lung, heart, and knee problems that cause her on-going pain. She spends the bulk of her monthly social security stipend on medicines, but it is so low and there are so many of these, that all too often by the end of the month she has to choose between buying food and filling prescriptions, as she cannot afford both.

Penina does not have an oven, which only compounds the difficulties she has in caring for herself. She could eat more economically and more healthfully if she had this appliance, but there is no way that she can stretch her limited budget to pay for one.

Verified by: Ayelet Regev, Department of Social Services, Haifa | Case No.: 190360
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