Music Lessons for Orit

Total Cost - USD 1,435
Still Needed - USD -2
Funded - USD 1,437

In her young life, Orit has consistently given, but has received little. As the oldest of 11 children with a mother who is emotionally unstable and unable to parent, Orit helps her father in every way she can. She takes care of her siblings and helps him in his work as a cleaner.

The family often does not have enough food or money for clothing, and her younger siblings stay at home because there is no money to send them to day care or kindergarten. Orit herself lost several years of schooling when her family moved and could not find the right institution for her.

Now, through her social worker’s office, she is working with tutors to catch up. Orit dreams of taking guitar lessons, and her social worker agrees that this would be a wonderful opportunity. It would give Orit a place of her own to go once a week and the chance of creating a meaningful relationship with the guitar teacher.

Furthermore, it would give her skills that she can use both to build social connections and to earn some money. Finally, it would give her some happiness in a life that is full of deprivation and difficulty. The social worker is sure that she can come up with a guitar, but Orit cannot on her own afford the lessons.

Verified by: Tali Dragan, Division for the Advancement of Youth, Jerusalem | Case No.: 190051
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